The Mississippi Earthtones Festival will return to Alton this year, but won’t be held at the Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater.  Alton Main Street, one of the festival’s organizers, was unable to come to an agreement with the city to host the 9th annual event at the Amphitheater, but the two sides have agreed to hold the event on Broadway between the Mineral Springs Mall and the Eagles Club.

Co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, the city will barricade the area between Alton and Langdon Streets on Saturday, September 19th.  The Sierra Club’s Christine Favilla tells The Big Z the biggest reason for the move was concession sales. 

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She says they will be arranging “villages” in which like-minded products or services are grouped together.  For example, all kids activities will be in the same general area.  This year’s musical offering will be headlined by Grateful Dead tribute act Jake’s Leg.


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