The Mississippi Earthtones Festival is coming up tomorrow with most events being held on the Alton riverfront.  It now includes live music, vendors, a bike ride, and groups that will be conducting a river shoreline and island clean-up beginning at 9am.  There will be two stages this year as well - the main stage for the music, and a second stage for speakers and demonstrations.

Some of those speakers will be advocating for more participation in the green initiatives already going on around Alton, including what was recently revealed to be a successful recycling campaign.  Christine Favilla, with the local Sierra Club, says there will be a variety of foods available as well.

The music includes Jake's Leg, Zion and the Lion Roots Band, Blu Skies, Raw Earth, and a bring-your-own-Drum Circle.  

Favilla comments Favilla comments

There is more information on line at the event's website:

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