The Mississippi Earthtones Festival is Saturday, and the community is invited to the event on the Alton riverfront.  Formerly known as the "It's Our River Day" festival, organizers expanded the scope of the day several years ago.  It now includes live music, vendors and groups that will be conducting a river shoreline and island clean-up beginning at 9:30am tomorrow.

The music includes Nancy Lippincott, Blu Skies, River City Sound, and Jake’s Leg.  Christine Favilla, with the local Sierra Club, says there will be activities for a variety of interests, including the traditional river clean up.

Click here for Favilla's comments

The park grounds around the Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater will be turned into an eco-village of sorts, with information and demonstrations available on a number of topics.  There is more information at the link:


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