The rattled nerves of many Oklahoman's following Saturday's earthquake may serve as a reminder that the Midwest is also sitting on an active seismic zone.  Significant damage was reported in sections of the Sooner State, but no major injuries were reported from the 5.6 magnitude tembler that could be felt in parts of Illinois and Missouri.


In April of 2008, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake rattled southeast Illinois, and was felt in the River Bend. Mark Terry, with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, says it wasn't long after that when FEMA issued a report saying there is a good chance the New Madrid seismic zone will be hit with a catastrophic earthquake within the next 50 years.


Terry comments

Many homeowners and renters tried to purchase earthquake insurance following the state's most recent quake, but found it is not available for a month following the event. He says earthquake insurance is not just for the devastating "big one" that levels communities, but also for the smaller quakes that damage foundations, brickwork, and other structurally vulnerable areas of your home.