Illinois prisons could once again have an early release program, under a bill now being considered by the governor.  State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago, pictured) says the idea is to reduce prison overcrowding and also prove to the federal government Illinois is serious about improving its prisons. She points to California’s system, which the feds took over.


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“The violent people will not be eligible for this,” said Currie. “There’s no, I think, risk to the body politic that the wrong people will be walking out those prison doors. This is very different from the old (Meritorious) Good Time Push, in which the department could not take into consideration things like an inmate’s prior criminal history.”   The MGT Push was found to have turned inmates out mere days after arriving in a state facility. Currie says the bill she’s carrying will avoid the problems of that program but also try to thin out the ranks of an overcrowded state prison system.   SB 2621 has passed the House, 68-50, and goes to the governor.


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