Some for-profit colleges are coming under fire for taking advantage of the GI Bill.  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) heard testimony from former military members who are carrying a large amount of debt after earning degrees they say are of no value.  They attended a variety of for-profit colleges that sometimes lacked the appropriate accreditation.



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Durbin has blasted for-profit colleges before and has supported Illinois’ lawsuit against Westwood College and its criminal justice program, which lacked the proper accreditation for graduates to gain employment with police departments.  Durbin is introducing legislation that would scale back the amount of federal dollars from GI bills allowed to be used for these types of schools.  “These for-profit schools are jumping on this like a hungry dog on a bone,” Durbin said. “They see this as an opportunity to dramatically increase the federal money that they can receive at the expense of many of these veterans. My bill will change this.”


(Illinois Radio Network)