Add U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to the voices criticizing Gov. Bruce Rauner for not signing heroin legislation.
Rauner sent the comprehensive heroin bill back to lawmakers after striking out requirements that Medicaid pay for medicine and treatment for addicts. Durbin doesn't buy Rauner's reasoning that this requirement is too costly a mandate for the state to bear.
"There are certain things we need to afford, and one of them is keeping people alive," Durbin said. "If he said we can't afford to treat cancer, there'd be a march on Springfield. This heroin has not reached that point, but it has become pervasive across Illinois."

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Durbin echoes what other advocates have said by arguing the cost of treatment would save the state from paying more for health care for addicts down the line.

The legislation originally passed with more than enough votes to override the veto in both chambers of the General Assembly. An override vote may be on the agenda when the House returns Wednesday.
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