Illinois' senior U.S. Senator, Dick Durbin, says his recent travels have reinforced his view of the refugee crisis.

“I went to Greece and to the island of Lesvos and, literally, went to one of the reception facilities and met with the refugees who are coming over from Syria and Afghanistan. They are families with small children. There are small children by themselves,” says Durbin. “We need to help them. This is the greatest humanitarian challenge of our time. We are a nation that's received refugees for at least the past 50-60 years. This is what a caring and compassionate nation does.”

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Durbin looks with disdain upon the majority party in Congress, the Republicans, who have let a “freedom caucus” subgroup overthrow a speaker and eschew compromise. “They can't even agree on someone to run for the position of Speaker. The Tea Party has been destructive from the start, and it's going to continue.”


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