Illinois’ Democratic senator is predicting the re-election of President Obama, but he says there will likely be a good fight by the Republican candidate.  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) acknowledges that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is riding high above other Republican candidates, but believes in the end President Obama will remain at the nation’s helm.


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“The president has to make it clear that it’s not only a choice between individuals but a choice between the economic future of this nation,” Durbin said. “Are we going to return to the George W. Bush Republican economic policies of tax breaks for the wealthiest people; of trying to get an economy moving forward without care for the problems facing the unemployed and those in lower income categories, or are we going to try and create a more just economy?” he said.  Durbin says there will likely be a lot of talk about the economy if Romney wins the Republican primary and squares off against the president. “Yes, we have the economy as a challenge, but I think the American people at the end of the day do not want to return to the same policies that brought on this recession. They want to continue on a positive trajectory to rebuilding the economy,” Durbin said.


(Illinois Radio Network)