U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is feeling a bit envious of Scotland. Not because it almost separated from the United Kingdom through a vote rather than a war, but because of how many voters turned out for the country’s independence referendum. Durbin doesn’t mind admitting he’s jealous of that kind of participation.

“Oh, absolutely,” Durbin said. “I look at it and think, you know, sadly, come November 4th, we’ll be lucky to break 50 percent in our own election, and I hope we do.”

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About 85 percent of eligible voters in Scotland turned out to the polls in Thursday’s referendum. The turnout in Illinois’ last midterm election in 2010 was 42 percent.

More than 55 percent voted against independence for Scotland. Despite the result, the UK government has promised to grant more autonomy to the Scottish Parliament.

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