The new overtime rules proposed by President Obama are just a small step in addressing income inequality, according to U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin.
The changes would expand the pool of salaried workers eligible for the overtime pay. Most employees making under $50,440 a year would get paid extra for any hours worked the typical 40 per week.
Durbin says too many workers have been given no choice but to work extra hours without any extra compensation.

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"The president is doing this by executive order because he's had no cooperation from Congress when it comes from the Republican majority in supporting an increase in the minimum wage," Durbin said. "It is one of the elements that we're moving into to drive and address the income inequality families face."
The rule does not change the standards for hourly workers, who are automatically eligible for overtime pay.
Business groups like the National Retail Federation have come out strongly against the change, claiming employers will be forced to cut hours, wages, and bonuses to make up for the additional overtime costs.


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