U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin prefers sanction to war when it comes to dealing with Iran. Israel is considering military action to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. Iran denies it’s trying to build a nuclear bomb. Durbin, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says this is a trouble spot, but sanctions are the better way to go.

“There is no question that Iran with a nuclear weapon is a danger to the Middle East and beyond, in Europe and beyond,” he said. “And we have now put together, through the president’s leadership, an international coalition to apply sanctions to Iran that are starting to bite.”

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 The United States has enforced sanction of some sort against Iran since 1979. United Nations sanctions ban the sale of nuclear material and arms to Iran. U.S. sanctions ban the sale of any goods or services to or from Iran, and loans from international financial institutions.

Durbin says a military confrontation would “complicate the entire situation in the Middle East, and risk a lot of life.”

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