U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says it will be back to work next week on a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Durbin says progress is being made on a bill but can’t say when a final draft will hit the floor of the Senate. “We’re getting down to just a handful of issues,” Durbin said. “We haven’t reached an agreement yet but we’re making such good progress I can feel the momentum building. We don’t want to fail. We want to get this done. So as of next week we’ll have a meeting and I’m hoping that if we can reach an agreement there we can announce something soon.”

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Durbin says it will still be a long process as he expects dozens of amendments to be filed.

 A side note: asked about the DREAM Act, Durbin says it will be part of any comprehensive immigration reform.

 A group of eight senators, Democrats and Republicans, have been working towards a final bill. Durbin is part of that “Group of Eight.”

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