Should Gay Marriage be an issue in the presidential race? U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says yes. Durbin says gay marriage should be a platform for the Democrats leading up to the November election. He says as a civil issue it’s something that should be discussed and ultimately implemented but it should not interfere with long standing religious practices.


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“There’s no requirement of any religious group following in that path,” Durbin said. “They can do what they wish. They can set their own standards, but from a civil side yes, to allow a civil union or a civil marriage between two individuals that make that commitment.”

Asked if churches would lose federal tax exempt status if they didn’t support such a mandate, Durbin says it’s unlikely. “I’ve never heard of a single case yet, not one, where anyone has suggested mandating that a religion change its beliefs when it comes to this,”Durbin said.

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