With the Federal Emergency Management Agency denying Illinois’ appeal for help after the Feb. 29 tornadoes, what more can be done? U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says there is some limited help available.

Durbin says while individual homeowners can’t be helped, there will be some federal help available through Small Business Administration loans. For farmers, Durbin says there may be some assistance available through the Department of Agriculture.

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Durbin is still in disbelief that Illinois was denied FEMA aid. He says it boils down to the formula FEMA uses to determine if help should be given. “The formula that FEMA uses looks at the population, total population of the state to determine if any part of the state is eligible,” Durbin explains. “So it means if you’re from a less populated state like Indiana and had the same damage, you qualify; [a] less populated state like Kentucky, same damage, you qualify. There’s something wrong with this formula.”

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