Add Senator Dick Durbin's name to those who are happy the federal "No Child Left Behind" law is being left behind. 
Durbin says like teachers, he's glad the new Every Student Succeeds Act doesn't focus on school districts that don't do well on standardized tests.  But Durbin says that doesn't mean districts aren't kept accountable.
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"It includes federally-required intervention when schools or students are not performing, instead of federally-prescribed intervention," says Durbin (D-IL).  "Schools that are performing in the bottom five percent, according to the state's accountability system, and the schools with less than 67 percent of the students graduating, are required to make changes to improve performance."
Durbin says the new law also requires school districts to provide data on how many of their students are enrolling in college, saying that's an important benchmark for success.
 "In a Congress that has been property faulted for being unproductive, this is one of the most productive things we have done," says Durbin.