U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says there is no easy fix should the United States Supreme Court strike down the Affordable Care Act. With the court expected to rule on the health care law in the coming days, Durbin says legislators have no easy answer should the law be found unconstitutional. “We’re gonna have to take a step back and see what we do next,” Durbin said.

Twenty-six states are challenging the Affordable Care Act. In particular, they are against an individual mandate that would force everyone to have health insurance. The court could rule the whole act constitutional, unconstitutional, or take action with regards to the individual mandate. Such a decision would logjam what insurance companies support, a larger insurance pool.

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Durbin says there’s really no contingency plan should things play out that way. “I don’t know if there is a fix because that was the compromise from the employer mandate to require every employer to require health insurance was to say each individual has that responsibility,” Durbin said. “If they strike that down then we’re going to have to step back and see what’s left.”

Durbin says health insurance companies don’t care what the Supreme Court does because they are headed down the road to change fee-for-service. He says those companies say the increase in costs to health care are unsustainable and changes must be made.

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