Even Senator Dick Durbin has thoughts on the current state budget situation, and they're not very complimentary.

Senator Dick Durbin says he can't really bring much more federal money to the table to help the state solve the stalemate.  But, he says if he could somehow negotiate a solution, he would.

"This is hurting our state," says Durbin (D-IL).  "It's hurting our reputation nationally.  It's hurting a lot of innocent people around our state who are seeing their resources cut back for daycare, and for some of the social safety net programs."


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Durbin says yes, the state is losing further federal money because of the length of the impasse.

"The sooner we get done with this, the better," says Durbin.  "There are not going to be any great outcomes here.  There are going to be bad, tough choices.  But that's why these men -- in this case, all men -- were elected to serve."
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