U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) wants you to know he wants a federal investigation into Legionnaire's disease at the state veterans' home in Quincy.

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs wants you to know they're on it, and Durbin knows it.

IDVA spokesman Ryan Yantis, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs, issued the following statement:

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“We appreciate Senator Durbin’s interests in our veterans and the Quincy home. We briefed the Senator 3 weeks ago (on Sept. 3) and have been providing regular information to his staff. The United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs have also been kept to up-to-date on our team efforts to care for our residents and remediate the home’s systems.  Additionally, we have been working hand-in-hand with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track patients with respiratory illness who have a connection with the home.
“Last, to correct the record, a total of 54 people tested positive for the disease including the 12 deceased connected to the home.”
Furthermore, Yantis says, “We've gone over a week without anyone being admitted for respiratory signs or symptoms to the local hospital. That doesn't mean we're done with the outbreak, but this outbreak of Legionnaire's has also come at the same time as a period of normal, seasonal respiratory illness.”


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