Political support and monetary support don’t go hand in hand in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.   Illinois’ 13th Congressional District is still a toss-up… in both parties. The Democratic race is still too close to call, and the incumbent Republican withdrew from the race, leaving a vacancy yet to be filled. It’s that uncertainty that has U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin unsure of how much money national Democrats will put into the race.


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“It’ll remain to be seen when the Republican party leadership makes their choice, and then the calculation has to be made as to the likelihood of success in this district,” he says. “This district was drawn to be a close district.”   Durbin supports the Democrat who’s likely to lose the primary race, but he says he’ll support the eventual winner – whomever that is. He and the Democratic National Committee supported Greene County State’s Attorney Matt Goetten in the primary. The apparent winner, by 143 votes, is Dr. David Gill of Bloomington.


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