In State Rep. Ken Dunkin's world, all is well.
“The governor compromised. He relented. He did a complete about-face on the Determination of Need score,” which Dunkin says will greatly benefit seniors who want services. “Child care providers are working now – finally.”
Dunkin could find himself a pariah in the House Democratic caucus, as his decision not to cast votes on two social service bills Democrats found crucial this week kept those bills from passing the House. And absent from a labor arbitration vote in September also important to Democrats, Dunkin is accused of tying himself too closely to the governor.
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Dunkin now may face a primary challenge in March.
“It's not something that I'm concerned about. I'm going to continue to the job that I was elected to do.”
Dunkin makes no apologies for speaking with the governor and other Republicans, pointing out his Chicago district is diverse: “from the Gold Coast to the Soul Coast.”
Speaking of the drive toward a solution, the governor's office announced late Friday the budget summit between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the four legislative leaders would be Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. The location will be the governor's office at the Capitol, with the first hour before a pool camera.
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