How can you avoid getting busted for drunk driving?   Don’t drive drunk, is the advice from Larry Lauterjung, a lawyer in Marion who represents DUI defendants all over Southern Illinois. If you are drinking, he says, it’s important for you to keep track of how much you’ve had, and not just go by how you feel.
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“Once someone is drinking, and you’re approaching the .08 blood-alcohol level, knowing where that level is, and knowing how many drinks one can have, can help them avoid reaching that level,” he said.
Lauterjung is the author of DUI Law for Drivers, Illinois Edition. He says people going out for a night of drinking should know how much they can drink over what length of time, or plan to have somebody else do the driving.
The book contains a chapter with charts on how much someone can drink over time and still be under the legal limit, and a chapter on the consequences under Illinois law of being convicted of drunk driving, in terms of loss of license, fines, jail time, and fees for license restoration or installation of the breath-alcohol ignition interlock device.
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