U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth wants the U.S. to consider the “true” cost before getting into any new wars.
Duckworth, a congressman seeking the Democratic nomination to oppose Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.), was wounded serving in Iraq, and so were others, she says, for which the nation was unprepared.
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“We thought that we would be at war for two weeks, and we would be greeted with flowers and candy, and instead we entered into a protracted war with men and women who were severely wounded who would live for the next 60 to 70 years, if we’re very lucky because they (were) all in their 20s, with these wounds,” she said.
Duckworth says if she’s in the Senate, she’ll push for the true cost of war, in terms of benefits for veterans, disabled and otherwise, to be included in the calculation, so that information will be part of any discussion about sending troops to fight ISIS.
She’s also concerned about these veterans being able to get civilian jobs once they’re out of the Armed Forces.
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