The secretary of state in Illinois says there is more which can be done to make the state's roads safer.  He says an Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety has worked up some recommendations. Many have to do with a device which disables your vehicle until you can blow an alcohol-free breath into a straw attached to it.  “We have a program called BAIID: Breath Activated Ignition Interlock Device,” Jesse White says.
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“If you get a DUI, and you still want to drive on our roads, you have to request this device to be installed in your automobile. And we also install a camera: now we know who the person is who is really blowing into the tube.”
From a news release:
Proposals Endorsed by the Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety
* Add a signature line to the Warning to Motorists form which the driver would be required to sign. If the driver refuses, the law enforcement officer would indicate “refused to sign.”
* Eliminate 30-day hard time for all offenders, as well as 12/36 month hard time statutory summary suspension and one-year DUI conviction hard time for repeat offenders.
* Require BAIID if convicted of driving on a revoked license in cases in which the basis of the revocation was aggravated DUI (involving death).
* Require BAIID if an offender has any combination of two or more DUI/reckless homicide convictions or statutory summary suspensions. (Currently, BAIID is required only if offenses occurred within a 10-year period).
* Require BAIID on a first DUI conviction that results in great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement.
* Non-binding recommendation: Require prosecutors to report statistics on the number of DUI arrests, DUI convictions, court supervisions, dismissals and sentence reductions.
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