The state climatologist says all indications are Illinois and the adjacent Mississippi River will get enough moisture this year. Jim Angel says the areas of concern should be to the west – the Plains states and, especially, a stretch from Texas to Colorado.
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“Maybe the Mississippi, the main stem, might be OK because we’re getting enough water down the Illinois and some of those other rivers closer by,” Angel told a meeting of the Mississippi River Coordinating Council, “but I would say, probably, the Missouri River is going to be the one that will be touch-and-go; because there are large areas in the upper reaches that are very dry. Nebraska – they just don’t get as much precipitation as we do, so it’s a lot harder to get out of a drought once they get in.”  Angel has what some in Illinois will take as good news: “Just because there was a drought in 2012 doesn’t increase our odds for one in 2013.”
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