America’s largest fast-food chain probably isn’t loving the latest high-profile lawsuit filed against it.

A blind Louisiana man is suing McDonald's in federal court In Chicago because restaurant workers wouldn’t let him order through the drive-thru window after its indoor area had closed for the night. Court documents allege the company, based in suburban Chicago, is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Executive Director Travis Akin said Illinois has seen a large uptick in disability lawsuits in federal court because of the state’s lack of business protections.

“This is what Illinois has become known for,” Akin said. “Instead of being a destination for jobs, opportunities and new business, we’re a state known for out-of-balance and ridiculous lawsuits.”

Akin said the cost of lawsuits adds to the cost of doing business in Illinois, and other states recruit companies away because of it. “The arguments that they’re making are: ‘Come to our state. You’re going to pay less in workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance because of the reforms that we have in place.’”

McDonald’s has not commented on the case.


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