Next year, Illinoisans in this country illegally will be legally behind the wheel.  A new law, which the secretary of state's office is implementing now, gives driving privileges to undocumented people. The “temporary visitor's driver's license” (TVDL) lasts for three years.   Spokesman Henry Haupt says applications and testing will be available at 25 locations. You must make a phone call to set an appointment and provide documentation that includes proof of Illinois residency of one year or more.

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The TVDL is a different color from the Illinois driver's license. It's not acceptable as a valid form of identification.  And it is invalid without insurance.   The thinking behind the law is, among other things, that if people are going to be here illegally, and driving anyway, they may as well be tested, registered, and insured.   Call (855) 263-1155 to make an appointment.  (This line is active in mid-November).


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