An East Alton family is mourning the loss of its pet after their pit bull had to be put down by police.  The dog, estimated to weigh about 90 pounds, allegedly escaped its yard and attacked a UPS driver on Tuesday.  The dog had been reported as on the loose in the neighborhood for several days before returning home.  The incident happened in the 300 block of George, near Regions Bank.

When officers caught up with the owner to advise him of the leash law violation, the dog broke free and charged the responding officers, according to Chief of Detectives Brian Archer.  He says the dog was shot once at that time and went to the side of the house.  When officers approached it again, the dog is said to have charged them again, prompting a total of four more rounds being shot into the animal.

Archer comments

The police department had been called to assist animal control.  The homeowner was present at the time of the attack.  The dog had to be put down due to injuries suffered as a result of the multiple gun shots.

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