The head of a statewide doctors’ group says while the Supreme Court ruling upholding most of the Affordable Care Act is a positive, much unfinished business remains.   “I think everyone is aware that the state is broke,” says Dr. William Werner, a Chicago internist who is president of the Illinois State Medical Society.


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“At some point, Illinois will assume a portion of the Medicaid bill – I believe this is in 2019 – and, if we don’t get our finances in shape, this will be another program that we can’t afford or will add to the deficit.”  What’s more, Werner says, Medicare reimbursement rates could go down by about 30 percent effective 2013.   Maryjane Wurth, president of the Illinois Hospital Association, says the ruling “provides greater clarity as far as what hospitals will be facing over the course of the remainder of this year; but now the next test, the next challenge, is the national election,” she said. The organization, however, typically does not endorse national candidates.


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