There's a service operated by the University of Illinois Chicago that, up to now, has had virtually no publicity since its inception in 1937.


It's called the Division of Specialized Care for Children, is based in Springfield, has offices throughout the state, and its Executive Director, Tom Jerkovitz, says the agency acts as the sort of middle man for children with special needs who need special medical care.


"What we'll do is work with the families and their medical providers," Jerkovitz says.  "If they don't have medical providers, we will help guide them toward physicians, or nurses, or whatever they need to deal with their child's particular problem.


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Jerkovitz says D-S-C-C also works with families paying with Medicaid, and with families who have private insurance, but need help making sure they stay within their networks.


Jerkovitz, says D-S-C-C can be a good thing, given how stressful finding that assistance yourself can be.


"It can be overwhelming. It can be another full-time job and then some," says Jerkovitz.  "For a lot of families, there's multiple siblings.  Anything we can do to help alleviate some of the stress that goes along with caring for your family -- again, with a child with special needs, because there's a lot extra goes in to that -- we like to help out in that way."


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