The Lewis and Clark Diversity Council has announced a list of upcoming events on the Spring Diversity Calendar. The first program takes place today at 1:30 pm in Trimpe Room 156 with the showing of the film “Everyday Use” which is an adaptation of a short story that was written by Alice Walker in 1973 that shares the story of a wayward daughter who returns to her Georgia roots, but cannot connect with her sharecropper because she believes her roots are strictly African.

The Diversity Council has other events planned that will take place in March and April and are intended to echo the goals of the council by helping with cross-cultural communications and understanding, increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of diversity in today’s world and promoting tolerance among all races. 

Other upcoming events will include a presentation entitled "100 Years of Women in Aviation" at noon March 7th about the history of women in aviation of Women's History Month.

The showing of "Meek's Cutoff at noon on March 21st that will give viewers an oppotunity to see the struggles by settlers as they traversed through the Oregon desert in 1845.

A videomaking and digital photography showcase inside the Reid Memorial Library on Thursday March 22nd.

Guest speaker Aftab Ahmad will give a presentation inside the Reid Memorial Library at 11 am on April 17th about the basic beliefs and practices of Islam and Muslims. Discussion of the history of the faith, the scripture and prophet hood will be introduced. Ahmad has delivered talks to well over 300 groups ranging from schools, universities, professionals, retirees and other social groups. He volunteers as a presenter for the Islamic Speakers Bureau and the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis.  Ahmad also is certified by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to present talks on Islam and Muslims to all law enforcement agencies inclusive of FBI, local, county and state police, TSA and other federal agencies.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Boston University and a master’s in Business Administration from Suffolk University.

In honor of Earth Day the council will be showing a film at 11 am in room 115 of the Olin Science Building.

And on Thursday April 26th, Afriky Lolo will return to the Benjamin Godfrey Memorial Chapel. The group will bring African dance to the community starting at 12:30 pm. Founder Diadie Bathily is a master dancer from the Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.  The performance will reflect the rich culture of West Africa, and enhanced by traditional costumes.

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