State Sen. Kirk W. Dillard (R-Hinsdale)The man who came closest to beating Bruce Rauner for the Republican nomination for governor is has not yet gotten on board the Rauner bandwagon.  State Sen. Kirk W. Dillard (R-Hinsdale) took a pass on a Republican unity event in Chicago on Wednesday, ostensibly because the legislature was in session in Springfield.  If Rauner gets elected governor, Dillard won’t still be in the General Assembly, but he has this criticism for Rauner’s attitude:
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“Bruce Rauner has said that he thinks much of the legislature is corrupt. Not an exact way to endear yourself; just ask Rod Blagojevich how well that tactic works,” Dillard said, recalling how Blagojevich antagonized lawmakers.  Dillard made this particular remark earlier this month, while he was engaged in a battle against Rauner in the primary, but when he was asked that day whether it would still accurately represent his view if the remarks were broadcast on the radio after the primary, he said “the truth is the truth.”
Dillard also criticized Rauner for buying influence, making him “the king of all pay-to-play politics in the history of Illinois, and he is the ultimate insider: the guy doing the buying (of influence), and that’s the worst kind of influence you can have,” he said.
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