Feb. 28, 1991, the U.S. government called a cease fire of the Persian Gulf War. Twenty-Two years later, veterans and their families remember the sacrifices made and the lives lost for Illinois families. State Rep. Stephanie A. Kifowit (D-Aurora), a Marine Corps veteran, spoke during a Desert Storm Remembrance Ceremony at the Illinois Military Museum at Camp Lincoln.
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“We cannot let things weaken the foundation of our brotherhood or our sisterhood, what it means to be a veteran in this country, what it means to serve, in whichever capacity, whatever capacity we are called to serve. That is what we do, that’s what we did, that’s who we are,” Kifowit said.
One of the veterans in attendance was Chad Weber of Stonington. He said one of the most memorable days during the war was the last. “When the cease fire occurred and I seen that great American flag come out of the back of a Humvee, that was probably the most joyous occasion,” Weber said.
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