With the legality of federal health care subsidies now settled, congressional Democrats from Illinois have a request of Republicans--stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Now that two separate U.S. Supreme Court rulings have upheld key tenets of Obamacare, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) is asking Republicans in Congress to offer some proposals on how to change or improve the law. She says that's a promise the majority party hasn't kept.
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"The Republicans from the very beginning--and I'm talking about the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010--said they wanted to replace and replace the law. We have never seen a replace," Schakowsky says.
Schakowsky has her own ideas on ways to improve the law, ranging from lowering deductibles on certain insurance plans to creating a federal health care plan for people under the age of 65, which is called a "public option."
As to more attempts to repeal the law, Schakowsky's message to Republicans is "get over it."
On the Republican side, U.S. Rep. Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) specifically mentioned replacing the law in his reaction to the Supreme Court decision.

“I disagreed with the Court’s original decision upholding the individual mandate in Obamacare, and I disagree with them now,” Bost said in a statement. “However, I am committed to working with my colleagues to find a plan that replaces Obamacare with solutions that expand access to care, makes it more affordable for hardworking families, and gets government bureaucrats out from between patients and their doctors.”
U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) said in a statement the ruling didn't surprise him. 

"I believe there is still room to advance bipartisan reforms of this law to keep health care costs down and expand access to care," Kirk said.
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