Donald Trump didn't get much attention from his own party at their State Fair rally. But he got almost all of the attention from Democrats at theirs.

From the outset, Donald Trump's name rang-out as Democrats gathered in Springfield for their annual pilgrimage to the State Fair.

Senator Dick Durbin said Republicans may have been afraid to say his name.

"Here they were the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party of Theodore Roosevelt, the party of Dwight David Eisenhower, unwilling to say the name of their own presidential nominee – Donald Trump," Durbin said.

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Democrat after Democrat spent as much time talking about Trump as they did Clinton.

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth labeled Trump "dangerous."

"We're making sure we're doing our part for our future, for our country that is as true to American ideals and values as the hate-filled, racist vision of Donald Trump is not."

But Democrats had their own verboten name. Few candidates were willing to utter Mike Madigan's name.

Madigan himself spoke, but briefly. And only enough to try and paint Gov. Bruce Rauner as the same kind of "extremist."

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