U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says it’s too soon to tell whether President Obama will veto the defense funding bill—or whether Senate Democrats will help uphold the veto.  Durbin says Obama’s opposition is about the source of the additional money for defense spending.
“It has little to do with the substance, though there are some sections he disagrees with, more with the funding,” Durbin said. “We have something called sequestration, automatic across the board cuts. The last time that hit the military, it was devastating. The president said we can’t ever let that happen again.”
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Obama wants all of those spending caps lifted. Instead, Republicans matched his request for a $612 billion military budget by using an infusion of money from a war fund known as Overseas Contingency Operations. Durbin says the move amounts to a “budget trick.”
An override of a potential veto requires 67 votes in the Senate to override. Assuming all 54 Senate Republicans vote in favor, 13 Democrats would have to join in for the override to be successful.
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