A fairly new group based in Barrington Hills is trying to snuff out election irregularities before they start.  Sharon Meroni is the leader of Defend the Vote, which is dedicated to what she calls “election integrity.” She describes one of her group’s early efforts, some Chicago poll-watching last year:“We found that out of 239 locations, 139 times, they failed to seal the ballot box. So that was pretty shocking,” she said.
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Among the challenges Meroni is taking on now: the correct staffing of judges – it’s supposed to be one from each party –when residents of nursing homes vote. “Sometimes those were Republican judges only, and sometimes they were Democrat judges only. It doesn’t matter. To the resident, their vote has been violated.”
Meroni is also concerned about the number of dead people – she says it’s about 30,000 – who are still registered voters in Illinois. She would not speculate on the motives of those who would vote on behalf of the dead, nor did she have proof the number of dead voters is large. She said Cook County took applications for 43 absentee ballots and fulfilled at least three, all for people who died well before the applications were dated.
Meroni has demanded that President Obama resign for committing “high crimes and misdemeanors,” also filed objections against 32 Illinois candidates in 2010 for failing to provide adequate documentation of their citizenship.
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