Gasoline came in at a record high price last year.  The average for 2011 in Illinois was $3.67, breaking the previous record of $3.36, set in 2008, according to the Triple-A Chicago Motor Club.



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The price went up, but unlike in 2008, it didn’t come down, says Triple-A spokesman Beth Mosher. “[It] didn’t happen in 2011. Prices stayed well above $3 per gallon, certainly in Illinois and across the country as well, and so prices [were] very, very high last year, as consumers well know,” she said.  The price for December was $3.34, down 14 cents from November, but 24 cents higher than December 2010.  Mosher says the price is inching up in January, because a tax break on ethanol expired. That tax was 4.5 cents per gallon of ethanol.


(Illinois Radio Network)