Officials in Decatur are remembering their mayor fondly after a single-vehicle accident claimed his life. Mayor Mike McElroy was killed when he had what was described as a medical episode while driving near the intersection of U-S 36 and Illinois Routes 121 and 105 near Decatur's "Five Points" area.
Mayor Pro Tem Julie Moore-Wolfe will take over for 60 days until the city council selects a permanent replacement.

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"Always humble, always smiling, always ready with a quick joke or slap to the back for friends and strangers alike, Mayor McElroy will be remembered as much for his friendliness, as much as his extensive list of accomplishments," says Moore-Wolfe, which included things like downtown revitalization, an improved police force, and leading an economic recovery.
Decatur City Manager Tim Gleason has only been on the job since March, but says he liked his boss a lot.
"He spoke very plainly, and I knew exactly what my marching orders were from the man," says Gleason.  "I respected and appreciated that very much."
McElroy was 63.  He had served on the City Council since 2003, and was mayor since 2009, just winning his second term in April.

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