The Better Business Bureau reminds door-to-door salesmen are for the most part legitimate pieces of the economic puzzle, but have to follow the rules set by the municipality in which they are working. There have been recent posts on social media about a young man selling books in the area in which the people posting say he is doing so illegally.  The Granite City Police Department says that is not the case, and says the young man has not broken any laws of which they are aware.

BBB Investigator Bill Smith tells The Big Z there are a few things you should do before you consider any offer from a door-to-door salesman.

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Smith also recommends paying by credit card if you do make any purchase of this kind. He says that will give you an chance of recouping any money lost because you can challenge the purchase with your card provider.  For more information or other tips you can call 314-645-2666 or follow the link to the BBB's website

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