U.S. Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.) doesn’t think an agreement will be reached with Iran on its nuclear program.  Kirk says the U.S. and Iran are too far apart on several key points of the deal designed to curb Iran’s nuclear programs. Those points of contention include when economic sanctions imposed against Iran would be lifted.  “There really is no agreement between the United States and Iran. The Iranians say when the agreement is signed, all sanctions, and the United States say no, it’s only a gradual lifting,” Kirk said. 
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Even the gradual lifting of sanctions would have to be approved by Congress if the president signs legislation passed by both houses allowing 30 days for Congress to review the final terms of any deal with Iran.  Kirk says the inspection of military sites is another sticking point. The U.S. wants international inspectors to be given access to those sites, while Iranian leaders say they won’t allow that to be included in the final agreement, which is due by June 30.