Chicago Fraternal Order of Police leaders say State Rep. Monique Davis owes them apology for saying some of her constituents believe Chicago Police may be responsible for the unsolved murder of children.    Davis called a news conference at her office Friday to say that, while some of her constituents believe that, she does not.     

Nor does she believes she owes anyone an apology.

“My community believes that,” she said.  “Should I apologize for my community’s beliefs?”

The union’s president said that anyone who even said what Davis told a Detroit interviewer is a fool, and that anyone who believes it is an even bigger fool.


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Davis said those who distrust the police have been conditioned by the misdeeds of certain officers, particularly those attributed to former Chicago Police Lt. Jon Burge, and detectives under his command, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Davis says she supports and trusts Chicago Police, and fights hard for them in Springfield.  But she said far too many murders are going unsolved, and says that has made some of her constituents suspicious.

Police officials have blamed the public’s reluctance to tell police what they know.  Davis said the Chicago Police Department is undermanned but said it needs to reinstitute an “Officer Friendly” approach that can both build trust and yield tips.

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