Differences of opinion continue on whether or not food with genetically-modified organisms despite Congressional approval of a voluntary national labeling standard. 
Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) says he doesn't get why GMOs are such a major issue because they can cover a lot of agricultural ground.
"Science shows that genetically-modified feeds are completely safe," says Davis.  "Three trillion meals have been served with absolutely no evidence of any impact on anyone.  The fact that GMO labels are such a major issues, I don't know."
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But, Davis says because people are so concerned, he thought it was appropriate to set up an initiative similar to the program allowing items in the store to be marked "organic"
"If consumers right now are worried about buying GMO products, buy organic," says Davis.  "It's already in your stores.  To be able to be labeled organic, by the voluntary organic labeling program set forth by the USDA, you have to be non-GMO."
Davis says there should be a national standard for labeling products as having GMOs, and there's not.
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