Continued hyper-partisanship will be to blame for the nation going over the so-called “fiscal cliff,” says one of Illinois’ congressmen-elect.

U.S. Rep.-elect Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) says House Speaker John Boehner’s so-called “Plan B” proposal didn’t pass because his members knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

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“Why put yourself out on a limb when this bill is going nowhere?” says Davis. “These are the types of things that have to stop in Washington. You can’t just throw things out there that have no chance of passing because, in this case, the Senate’s not even going to lay cards out on the table.”

Davis also believes some members were standing by their principles to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans.

The speaker proposed allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for those making more than $1 million per year, coupled with $1 trillion in spending cuts. That’s a compromise as Boehner initially wanted the extension for everyone. The president, meanwhile, wanted to extend the breaks for income up to $400,000 – up from his initial desire of $250,000.

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