More information is going to be available on the Internet. An executive order from the governor promotes raw data from state agencies and local units of government going online.  This could help economic development.
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“There have been many examples of young entrepreneurs and developers using raw sets of government data to create software applications,” says the state’s chief information officer Sean Vinck, “including applications for mobile devices that make access to services less burdensome and promote knowledge and understanding.”
Don’t expect, for example, a roster of state prisoners to be on the state’s data portal. Emily Miller, policy director for the watchdog group Better Government Association, says the executive order probably won’t reveal much new information: “This is about taking data sets that already exist and putting them all together in one place on the Internet,” she said.  Miller says the biggest beneficiary may be employees of local units of government who would not have to field Freedom of Information Act requests for information which will now be online.