U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) isn’t sure if his personal information was taken in the biggest breach ever of the U.S. government’s computer networks.
Four million current and former federal employees were affected by the breach, and Durbin acknowledges his information could have been compromised.
“I certainly could be,” Durbin said. “It’s naïve for anyone to think that they’re safe. In this day and age, there are constant attacks trying to find out more information about us as individuals and as a nation.”
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The compromised information was held by the Office of Personnel Management, which conducts background checks on government workers for security clearances. The data reportedly goes back to 1985.
The attack supposedly came from Chinese hackers, according to U.S. prosecutors. The Chinese government has denied those allegations.
Durbin says such a large breach should motivate Congress to take the threat of cyber attacks more seriously/ “We need a cyber security law. We’ve been debating it for years,” Durbin said.
He says that would require great cooperation from business interests, which have resisted requirements for notifying their customers about data breaches.  
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