The mayor of Danville, eager to get approval for a casino in his town, says it doesn’t look good in the Lame Duck session.  Mayor Scott Eisenhauer doubts that lawmakers will approve gambling expansion during the Lame Duck session.
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“If that’s the case, then I think we’re looking at another five to six months before you see any type of movement on the gaming expansion bill, and that’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because that’s another six months that we put off job growth in this community and in this state, and it’s certainly another six months that we put off much-needed revenue growth for this state and for this area,” he said.  Lawmakers approved a bill last year to add casinos in Chicago, Danville, Park City (near Waukegan), Rockford and in an unspecified location in the South Suburbs of Chicago, as well as to add slot machines at race tracks. The governor vetoed the bill over concerns that its regulatory provisions would be insufficient.
Eisenhauer is spending some time in Springfield this week trying to round up support for the gambling bill, but he says he is not optimistic the bill will be called for a vote.
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