Under the leadership of Gov. Pat Quinn, Illinois lawmakers ignored his wishes on concealed carry and his deadline to craft a pension solution.

“I’m worried about the people of Illinois, and I always do what I think in my conscience is right for the people. That’s what my mom and dad taught me,” the governor said in response to a suggestion that he failed on the top two priorities of the year.


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William Daley was in Springfield on this week’s session day, and it was not to offer Quinn any help; he is exploring his own run in the Democratic primary. “His job is to bring (lawmakers) together,” Daley said. “I know it’s not easy, but leadership – I’ve learned this from serving with President Clinton and President Obama – is tough.”

Daley says Quinn’s style seems to be to offer vague guidelines, if any, and then criticize the lawmakers when they don’t satisfy him. Other observers suggest Quinn is using the General Assembly as the “bad guy” in his 2014 campaign.

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