A candidate for governor believes he has discovered a place to apply political pressure on the pension issue.   William Daley says he’s for the pension restructuring measure that passed the Illinois House, but failed twice in the Senate. “I personally believe that of the matters on the table right now, the House bill – now S.B. 1 – goes the furthest,” he said.
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He says there are 13 senators who voted against the bill who represent districts in which both House members voted for it. He says he’d lean on those senators, telling them that they can survive politically by voting for the bill.  “If those Senate members voted with their House colleagues from just their districts, you’d only be one vote short in the Senate from passing the S.B. 1,” he said.
It’s a tall order, though, and Daley says as merely a candidate for governor, he doesn’t have much sway with these folks, but the governor should be leaning on these people. Daley is challenging Gov. Pat Quinn in the Democratic primary.
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