A candidate for governor says the income tax increase must end, but he might be for a different tax. Democrat William Daley says a progressive income tax, where high-income taxpayers pay a higher rate than low-income earners, is an idea to explore. “I’ve stated that I think we’ve got to look at the tax situation, obviously, in the state. We’re one of the few states that have a flat tax,” he said.

But it’s unconstitutional now, so not easy to accomplish. “As you know, in order to accomplish that, you’re gonna have to go to a constitutional amendment, which means the voters have to be brought into it,” Daley said.

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Daley does say that the temporary income tax increase of 2 percentage points that’s set to expire at the end of next year, after four years on the books, must be allowed to expire, or politicians will have no credibility on tax policy.

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